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When you have a tooth emergency you need an emergency oral surgeon in Northeast FL area There are so many things that can happen that require the attention of an oral surgeon and like all things they usually happen when you least expect them to happen. Dental emergencies can be a time sensitive in nature like when a tooth is knocked by accident, moving quickly can actually save the tooth. Of course there are other incidences when an oral surgeons services are needed like:

  • A toothache
  • A chipped tooth
  • An abscessed tooth

Any sort of dental emergency can be addressed by the right oral surgeon. When you are in pain the last thing you should have to do is wait to see a dentist. In many cases the issue will get worse the longer you wait to see someone. Prompt action is necessary when you have a dental emergency.


Unfortunately, not every oral surgeon is willing to see you at the time that you need them but there are a couple that are compassionately dedicated to their profession that are willing to step up when you need help and offer same day appointments. It can make a huge difference in how you feel and whether or not you are able to keep your tooth to be seen as soon as possible. Clearly a provider that offers same day services to people in need has a very high commitment to their patients. They understand that being in pain is just not an option. Mouth pain and discomfort can be one of the most difficult pains to bare. A dentist that understands this and offers same day solutions is clearly a professional that you want to use.


If something happens to your teeth or you wake up with a toothache, get help fast to find relief. You do not have to suffer through it or use over the counter remedies. There is help and you can take advantage of it. If your tooth is knocked out wrap it in a wet napkin and make a same day appointment, the tooth may be able to be saved. If you wake up with unusual sensitivity in your mouth call and make a same day appointment because that sensitivity can quickly turn into throbbing pain in a short period of time. You do not have time to waste!