Teeth Whitening
July 7, 20171

10 Whitening Myths

Facebook, Pinterest, and the Internet are great for all types of DIY recipes, however teeth whitening is not one! Even though blogs, articles, and even Great Aunt Sue’s opinions may,

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Dental Emergenices
June 16, 2017Like

Hit the Dentist Before a Vacation

Dental Emergencies aren’t so fun in the middle of a Vacation! Be proactive and schedule the entire family a quick trip here, before your summer trip! Call us today

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Dental Appointment | Schedule Your Bi-Annual Cleaning Today!
November 3, 20162

Use It or Lose It: Dental Benefits in St. Augustine

2016 will soon be coming to a close, and so will your dental benefits. Remember to schedule your cleaning, exam and any other dental procedures as soon as possible in order

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Veneers | Affordable Veneers in St. Augustine
July 31, 20162

Get the Smile You Always Wanted with Affordable Veneers in St. Augustine

Veneers in St. Augustine area are the solution to so many cosmetic dentist issues. Veneers are thin coverings that slip over your natural tooth to accomplish a full range

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Relax | Sedation Therapy is Available
July 25, 20161

Relax Your Fears with a St. Augustine Dentist that Understands

Finding a St. Augustine dentist that understands that the fear of the dentist can be crippling can easily make a huge difference in your oral health. Most people know that

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