Comprehensive Care

Our Comprehensive Dental Care begins with a thorough and gentle Oral Exam. We will take a full series of x-rays, do an oral cancer screening, take moulds of your teeth, discuss your appearance goals and evaluate all your teeth and gum tissue. This exam allows us to create a master plan for your mouth.

Exams & Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings reinforce your home-care oral health practices and are recommended at least twice a year. Basic cleanings remove plaque and tartar build-up and help maintain good oral hygiene. A deep cleaning may be necessary if there are signs of gum disease such as gums that are red and bleed easily, persistent bad breath, gums that are pulled away from the tooth, loose teeth, and changes in the position or bite of the teeth. Your hygienist and dentist will determine which cleaning is required to give you a healthy and happy smile.

Fillings & Sealants


When a cavity occurs, the decay must be removed. Then, a filling replaces the section of a tooth that has been damaged due to decay. There are two types of fillings that can be used to repair and fill a cavity, amalgam (silver fillings) and “white” or tooth-colored composite fillings. We prefer "white" or tooth-colored composite fillings because they “bond” to the tooth structure helping to strengthen the decay weakened tooth and are also usually less sensitive to temperature.

Composite fillings cannot be used in every situation of tooth decay. Depending on the extent of decay, a root canal treatment, crown or extraction may be necessary. See our Cosmetic Dentistry page for more information on restorative services.


Sealants are a thin, protective coating used to fill in narrow grooves in the teeth. If a tooth structure has fine grooves or pits, plaque can accumulate, not because the person doesn't brush, but because they're too narrow to allow even one bristle into them. This accumulation of plaque will eventually lead to the development cavities. After your dentist applies the sealant, you will be able to brush off all the plaque and keep your teeth healthy.


Sometimes a tooth must be removed. When this occurs, whether it is due to poor tooth positioning or trauma/decay, it is important to be well prepared. Our doctors and staff are here to answer questions and give you the quality treatment and follow-up care you need.

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